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Virtually magic!

These COVID times have caused us all to do things a little differently, and learn a few new skills along the way. So it was with our first Zonta Club of Brisbane virtual  seminar held on 14 June to raise funds to prevent domestic violence.

Club member Dr Caroline Heim joined forces with her husband Dr Christian Heim to deliver a warm and revealing seminar about managing mental health and navigating tricky times with the younger women in our lives searching for how to find their way in the world. Just over 50 people logged in to watch the seminar which saw Caroline tap into her skills as an actress, delving into Shakespeare to throw some light on what it means to show gratitude and be human and then some Hamlet with that meaningful line by Polonius … “To thine own self  be true”.

There was much to learn and love about the seminar which gave us all food for thought on how to be motivated and feel fulfilled. We also heard of the Indigenous word Dadirri which means “deep listening” (here’s a Ted Talk if you want to know more ).

The seminar closed with their special THANKS mantra to live a more meaningful, stress free life. Here it is!

Think how precious life is

H is to help someone every day

A is appreciate people

Notice beauty to get goodness

K is to keep a gratitude journal to see things that go right

S is to say thank you whenever you can

A big thank you to Caroline and Christian for donating their services. To see where the funds raised will go check out our Domestic Violence Cards


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Elise uses award for public health benefit

Cairns-based Elise Witter, 24, is the 2020 winner of the Dr Helen Row prize. In her own words she tells us what it means to win this award:

“My name is Elise and I have been fortunate enough to receive the Dr Helen Row Prize this year. I grew up in Cairns and it was a Zonta Encouragement Award from my local club that provided support to travel to Brisbane and commence university!

 I completed my Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Queensland  and I have embraced rural health, undertaking
placements in Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Yeppoon. I am passionate about mental health, paediatrics, women’s health and addressing the disparity between health outcomes in urban, regional and rural areas. This has led me to present research into suicide prevention in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations at the RDAQ Conference and undertake further research into paediatric genetic disorders presented at the British Paediatric Neurology Association Conference this year. I returned to Cairns this year for an internship, my first year of being a ‘real doctor’ and feel privileged to spend my days caring for my local community.

I am utilising this award to further my studies by completing a Master of Public Health. I hope this will enable me to make a difference at a population level as well as to individuals’ health. As the wellbeing representative of our local doctor’s association, I am  also hoping it will help me in developing strategies to promote the wellbeing  of healthcare workers in my health service. I am very grateful for this opportunity provided to me by the Zonta Club and Dr Row’s family and look  forward to continuing to expand my horizons and becoming a better advocate for my patients and the community.“

For more information on the award please follow this link