We are a committed group of business and professional women who come together regularly to talk, to listen, and to share our passion for women’s equality and improving the state of the world around us.

Our club, founded in 1971, has a proud history of influence and support for the Brisbane community and campaigning for gender equity and human rights. The club has provided two Zonta International Presidents, a number of members have been appointed to public office and it has been a training ground for members who wish to serve their community in leadership roles. Back in the 1970’s the club helped fund Brisbane’s first women’s refuge for victims of Domestic Violence – and continues to do so.

  • Internationally, Zonta’s Mission is to empower women through service and advocacy. Our club is inspired by the many international projects in Third World countries which our fund-raising supports – one-third of our club’s fund-raising is sent to support international projects through Zonta International
  • Locally, we fund-raise for scholarships to keep disadvantaged girls in school and at university. We also encourage young women to get involved in Public Affairs, in Business, in Acting, and in taking up science and maths and technology (STEM). Projects around domestic violence, homelessness in older women and gender equity are a focus for the club.
  • We advocate to ensure women are included and recognised in public life especially focussing on the role that domestic violence plays in women’s disempowerment
  • We take support each other and take inspiration from each other’s successes
  • We meet for dinner once a month and form friendships and networks that can last a lifetime
Gwendolen Jull - Club President

Our Meetings

The members meet on the first Wednesday of each month (except January) for dinner and fellowship at the United Service Club, 183 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill. In addition, members belong to at least one sub-committee e.g. Service, Advocacy, Fund-raising, or Fellowship.

The Board

The Club Board (management committee) is elected by the members annually at the Annual General Meeting. It consists of the Executive – President, First and Second Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary. In addition there are up to six directors. The Board takes a leadership role but final decision-making is at the membership level – all important decisions are voted on by members at the monthly dinner meetings. the current Board includes: President Gwendolen Hull; First Vice President Sam Hollingworth; 2nd Vice President Susan Scott; Treasurer Leonie Briggs; Secretary Jan Logan; Directors - Anne Landsberg, Susan Davies, Susan Hocking, Sandra McLean.

Our Members

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