University Awards

Dr Helen Row Award

The Dr Helen Row Zonta Memorial Prize was established by the Zonta Club of Brisbane  in 1992 to honour Dr Row’s contribution as a pioneer in the field of child psychiatry in Queensland and as a Charter Member of the Club.

The late Dr Row was committed to Zonta, and in her retirement years established 12 new clubs. She passed away in 1987. This award aims to promote interest and excellence in the treatment or prevention of mental health problems, including psychiatric and behavioural problems, in childhood and adolescence.

Originally, this prize was awarded annually to a researcher at The University of Queensland (UQ) in [GJ1] the field of mental health in childhood and adolescence. In 2017, the award rules were restructured.

The $3000 prize is awarded to the UQ medical student, male or female, with the highest combined marks in the paediatrics and mental health clinical rotations.

The prize is maintained from an endowed fund subscribed by Dr Row’s former Zonta colleagues and friends, and is administered by The University of Queensland.

Award Recipients:

1997 Dr Susan Wilson
1998 Dr Gwen Roberts
1999 Karen Turner
2000 Dr Margaret Turner
2001 Dr James Scott
2002 Dr Robert King
2004 Prof Sue Spence, Dr Jeanie Sheffield
2005 Erminia Colucci
2009 Professor Graham Martin
2010 Professor Stanley Catts
2012 Dr Adrian Kelly
2013 Hannah Thomas
2014 Dr Gary Chan
2015 Dr Stephen Chester
2018 Dr Shanalie Dias
Dr Alexandra Miller
Elise Witter
Sarah Cameron

University Awards

Babette Stephens Award

The Babette Stephens Memorial Award offers a $1000 prize and honours the memory of charter member and inaugural Club President, Babette Stephens AM MBE, who was a distinguished actress and Brisbane theatre personality.

Babette joined the Brisbane Repertory Theatre in 1930, launching a 40-year career as performer, director, and administrator. During her career, she appeared in or directed numerous performances, hosted talkback radio, and appeared regularly in film and television. She died in 2000 at the age of 90.

In 2002, Zonta charter member Ann Shevill gave a personal donation of $5,000 in Babette’s memory which formed the basis of the Babette Stephens Memorial Award fund, which was boosted by the sale of  a painting by Liz Heber, that was donated and sold raising $500. These gifts were further boosted in 2006 by a donation of $5,000 from Club member Shirley King. Several club members have been further donations over the years.

This annual award is administered for the Zonta Club of Brisbane by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) under guidelines set out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The Award acknowledges and rewards a talented, second-year acting student at QUT. The criteria for selection are that the winner will have demonstrated a professional attitude and exemplary work ethic in classes, rehearsals, and performances during second year productions, as well as a consistently high standard of performance skills.


Staff from QUT’s Creative Industries Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) and a representative of the Zonta Club of Brisbane

Club members with expertise in a range of theatrical disciplines attend performances by the second-year cohort during the year and provide advice to the selection panel.

The winning candidate is presented with the Award at a QUT Gala Theatre evening. Members and friends purchase as a fundraiser for the Club.

Each Award winner receives a certificate and $1,000. The Zonta funds are held in trust by QUT in the QUT Gift Fund, and interest earned rolls back into the Award fund.

Award Recipients:

2004 Tanya Heywood
2005 Danielle Jackson
2006 Miyuki Lotz
2007 Gemma Yates-Round
2008 Polita Cameron
2009 Lizzie Ballinger
2010 Eve White
2011 Isabella Tannock
2012 Sasha Grace Dyer
2013 Chenoa Deemal
2014 Chiara Charlotte Osborn
2015 Emily Weir
2016 Ebony Nave
2017 Clementine Anderson
2018 Nicole Hoskins and Bronte Price
2019 Rachel Nutchey
University Awards

The Leneen Forde Zonta Scholarship

The Zonta Club of Brisbane first offered a bursary at Griffith University, Logan Campus in 2013. In 2020 it was renamed the Leneen Forde Zonta Scholarship. It is offered to a female who is a full time student, enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at Griffith University Logan Campus, had successfully completed the first three semesters of her degree program with good academic standing, and could demonstrate that they were in significant financial hardship which was affecting their study. The scholarship is valued at $2,000.

It was originally named Supporting Success however this was changed in 2019. The Club moved to change the name of the bursary to the Leneen Forde Zonta Bursary in recognition of the esteem in which Leneen Forde AC is held within Zonta Club of Brisbane as well as her legacy to Zonta (nationally and internationally) and her contribution to Griffith University Logan Campus.

The fund is administered by Griffith University in line with other university awards given by the Club. The scholarship is reviewed every three years.

If you would like to donate directly to the scholarship please follow this  link  and search for Leneen Forde Scholarship. 

Award Recipients


2013 Joyce Odokopira
2015 Monique Tuatai
Tania Christian
2017 Sally Hunt
2018 Alison Rule



Jennifer Keil

Julie Matthews