Over 100,000 women 55+ in Queensland are living every day at risk of being homeless.

Sharing with Friends is looking to change this terrible statistic.

Sharing with Friends i a not-for-profit foundation set up by three Zontians (all members of the Brisbane Club) in response to the Zonta Advocacy issue of Homelessness in Older Women. Its original inspiration was the Zonta Area Meeting in Noosa in 2019.

It is holding a free workshop March 6 about co-housing and affordable home ownership in retirement. It’s a two-hour interactive experience with two highly experienced facilitators Zontians Anne Landsberg and Adrienne Irvine.

Through the District HOWZ-ing newsletter, Zontians know the terrible statistics about older women who are 55+, single, renting, and unemployed. Over 100,000 are living every day at risk of being homeless.

An underlying opportunity with the workshops is for people to bring a friend who fits this profile so they can assess for themselves whether Sharing with Friends (or other options that will be showcased) might be an answer. We all know someone – an auntie, neighbour, colleague, friend – who is NOT homeless, but is paying a huge percentage of their income in rent. As a result, they are one crisis away from couch surfing or sleeping in their car. You are our secret weapon – because such women would never identify themselves at-risk, nor come alone, they need a personal invitation by a trusted friend.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about homelessness

When: Saturday March 6 at 3-5pm (introductory workshop)

Where: Albion Peace Centre, 102 McDonald Street, Albion

RSVP: by March 4

Email: info@sharingwithfriends.org

Phone: 0412 336 759