Places of refuge and support such as Windana often have to find the very basics of life to give to the women and children who come to them for help.

So while for many of having a toothbrush seems like an easy essential everyone would have, it is not so easy for these women and children. They have often have to leave their homes in a hurry and not having the time to pack the items that they will need. These are the small but important things that make us feel well, human.

Hearing of this issue at Windana, new Zonta Club of Brisbane member and pharmacist Kirsten McKerrell immediately stepped into help.

She did this by providing 200 toothbrushes for the children at Windana.The team there were delighted to have such a generous contribution, adding:  “This will last us for months”.

As well as Kirsten’s contribution club members donated funds to cover the full costs. It’s just part of the work we do with Windana, an organisation which the club has supported for many years and will continue to in the future.

Our photo shows Kirsten with Service Committee Chair Lesley Chenoweth.