The Dr Helen Row Zonta Memorial Prize was established by the Zonta Club of Brisbane  in 1992 to honour Dr Row’s contribution as a pioneer in the field of child psychiatry in Queensland and as a Charter Member of the Club.

The late Dr Row was committed to Zonta, and in her retirement years established 12 new clubs. She passed away in 1987. This award aims to promote interest and excellence in the treatment or prevention of mental health problems, including psychiatric and behavioural problems, in childhood and adolescence.

Originally, this prize was awarded annually to a researcher at The University of Queensland (UQ) in [GJ1] the field of mental health in childhood and adolescence. In 2017, the award rules were restructured.

The $3000 prize is awarded to the UQ medical student, male or female, with the highest combined marks in the paediatrics and mental health clinical rotations.

In 2023 the prize was again restructured and renamed the Zonta and to be awarded to theDr Helen Row – Zonta Rural Health Scholarship in Medicine Award.

The 2023 winner was Chance Mayne, s a 4th year student at our Toowoomba Rural Clinical Unit. Having grown up on a beef cattle property, she is passionate about the Australian bush and hopes to return there as a doctor who is still deeply connected to her rural roots. She has a keen interest in paediatric medicine in rural and remote communities.
Chance receives $3000.

The prize is maintained from an endowed fund subscribed by Dr Row’s former Zonta colleagues and friends, and is administered by The University of Queensland.

The award opens for applications in March 2024 and for more information pls go here

Award Recipients:

1997 Dr Susan Wilson
1998 Dr Gwen Roberts
1999 Karen Turner
2000 Dr Margaret Turner
2001 Dr James Scott
2002 Dr Robert King
2004 Prof Sue Spence, Dr Jeanie Sheffield
2005 Erminia Colucci
2009 Professor Graham Martin
2010 Professor Stanley Catts
2012 Dr Adrian Kelly
2013 Hannah Thomas
2014 Dr Gary Chan
2015 Dr Stephen Chester
2018 Dr Shanalie Dias
2019 Dr Alexandra Miller
2020 Elise Witter
2021Dr Sarah Cameron
2022Eleanor O’Neill
2023 Chance Mayne